Phase II

Phase 2, also known as the pasteurization process, is the next step in the vertical productionchain.
The goal is to continue the selectivity trough pasteurization and removal of the present ammonia.

After the tunnels are filled the continuous airflow process is started. After the substrate is in a resting state, which takes 10 to 18 hours, the temperature is being brought up to 58° by the developing activity of the present organisms. This temperature is being sustained for 8 hours so that under influence of time, temperature and ammonia the present harmfull organisms are being killed. The substrate is made sterile. After this the temperature is send to a reach of 43 to 48° celcius. In this temperature reach the organisms which make sure the harmfull ammonia is being transformed into nutricious nitrogen are set to work. The entire phase 2 process takes about 5 to 6 days and is being done in completely closed tunnels which contain a roster floor trough which a continuous airflow is being send trough. With the help of sensors, vents and filtered air the temperature is being controlled.