Walkro Belgium

This location is the origin of Walkro and was founded in 1990 in Maasmechelen by the 3 brothers Walraven and Mr. K. van de Kroon. The company and with it its production came to life in the second half of 1991. The company originally started as a phase 2 and 3 tunneling company with a capacity of approximately 400 tonnes phase III weekly. Since 1993 also phase I is produced. This is the only location where Walkro in Belgium produces phase I substrate. The other Belgian locations are supplied with phase I substrate from this location. At this moment Walkro Belgium produces 3600 tonnes of phase III substrate a week. A part of this is being produced in blocks and transported across the world to 25 countries. 50 employees make sure this production can be maintained on a weekly basis. Due to the strict Environmental procedures in Belgium, the company put a lot of investments in making sure the phase I production can be done indoors.

Maasmechelen is the heart of the Belgium operational activities, the administration and planning is therefore situated in this location