Who we are

Walkro produces weekly 8.500 tonnes phase III mushroomcompost at 3 locations in Europe: Belgium , Germany and the Netherlands and is one of the largest mushroomcompost producers worldwide. With more than 250 motivated employees we take care of our own raw materials, production and transport to mushroomgrowers  all over the world, taking care that we work on:

The best compost for the best grower!



Quality in all levels, from picking-up raw materials, productionprocess until delivery, analysing and into yield-advice, that is Walkro! Optimization in the whole chain, collecting raw materials until the delivery of spawn-runned compost is an every day live for us.

It all starts with the review of the raw materials: horse manure, broiler manure and straw by our own truck-drivers. These raw materials are also judged on quality at our productionfacilities by our employees. Our own certified laboratory analyses visually and by NIR daily all raw materials. Due to the complete automation of our process for 24 hours 7 days a week whole year, our quality ingredients are valorised into excellent mushroomsubstrate. In-between and during delivery again our products are analysed by our laboratory and all parameters of all batches are directly offered tou our mushroomgrowers by mail.

Walkro Transport, responsible for the transport of our mushroomcompost to our clients, has the availability of the most modern trucks and  trailers with advanced material on board.

All trucks of Walkro Transport and Walkro Raw Materials. 85 units, are maintained at our own 4 garages.

Our History