Phase IV

Phase 4, also known as fructification, is only being done in our location in Wallhausen. This phase has as main goal to let the mycelium grow and to let the right amount of mushrooms grow.

The phase 3 substrate is being put into trays in a layer of 32 to 35 centimeter thick. On top if this a layer of peat is included of about 5 cm. This peat contains a bacteria, Pseudomonas Putida, which takes care of the contraction of the myceliumwires (hyfen) when they grow on the surface. The peat also  acts as moisture buffer which the mushroom needs. After the contraction of the hyfen the mushroomsbuttons grow into mushrooms. Before the mushroom is ready for harvest, the trays are being transported to the customers. This way the customers skip the most critical phase in the growth and they can start their harvest immediately.


Walkro’s location in Belgium has a well equipped and modern facility to block compost phase III in 20 kg blocks. Together with our exclusive partner DTO we serve the whole world with the best compost possible. Because of DTO’s patented loading method, together with excellent cooling, loading and shipping conditions, our compost arrives in best shape possible.