Walkro The Netherlands

The company was founded in 1963 by the brothers Piet and Jan Theeuwen and became part of  Walkro since 2000.

Typical in the history of this company is the development from production outside to a completely indoor run production. This transition took place in a period from 1995 to 2002 which was only possible trough big investments. The production of airscrubbers, biobed and chimney are some of the productions next to the really expensive process structures. From that day onward Walkro complied to the strict environment laws in Holland. The production of  mushroom substrate take place in a harmonical and natural environment since that day.

Also the laboratories facility from Walkro is placed in Blitterswijck. Every week more over than 500 samples are analysed for our own use and to send these results to the mushroomgrowers.

With 55 motivated employees Walkro Blitterswijck BV produces 3.500 tonnes phase III every week.